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Creative dishes restaurant in Cambodia–Tbal khmer restaurant-Service One Apartment in Cambodia

Tbal khmer restaurant -Service one-Cambodia-Phnom Phen6

Tbal Khmer located along the street 360, just 10 minute from Service One building, you will see a nice street food design Tbal Khmer Restaurant .

The staffs also dress up properly, helpful and friendly. Tbal is the name of one material when you cook foods. The environment is good. We have a lot of art. We use the fan not air-conditioner.

That’s the popular place to eat something.Tbal khmer restaurant -Service one-Cambodia-Phnom Phen6 Tbal khmer restaurant -Service one-Cambodia-Phnom Phen6

Tbal khmer has a lot of kind of papaya salad and soup. Every customer when come to Tbal khmer they never miss to eat Papaya salad. Because the papaya salad at Tbal khmer are very delicious. The recipe of papaya salad is made from Thailand. When the customer back home they always comment to Tbal khmer is good place and the price are acceptable. And one more thing Tbal khmer has soup also. The taste is good. Good place for papaya salad and grilled chicken. Khmer noodle and suki soup is not expensive. One of customer said “Multi choices of Khmer menu with very reasonable price tag. I’m strongly recommended for everyone who wishes to try Khmer style papaya salad”. Tbal khmer is also one of choice lunch. Papaya salad is a command food in Thailand. But nowadays it’s very popular in Tbal Khmer. When you go to tbal khmer at night will get romantic song.

Tbal khmer restaurant -Service one-Cambodia-Phnom Phen6

Frog soup is the most popular food and very delicious. We can eat it with with white rice.

Tbal khmer restaurant -Service one-Cambodia-Phnom Phen6


 Test and price
Staffs are friendly. When you are in need, they are instantly come to serve. The staffs are also polite, well-dressed, and educated. The environment is clean and suitable for the customers who want to enjoy eat spicy food. They never let customer waiting for a long time. They served them in short time.

Tbal khmer restaurant -Service one-Cambodia-Phnom Phen6

They provide delicious Khmer food with affordable price. Food is spicy generally but delicious. The special food of restaurant is Papaya salad and soup frog.

Tbal khmer restaurant -Service one-Cambodia-Phnom Phen6

Tbal Khmer’s BKK branch
Located on Street 360 (next to KFour) in Boeung Keng Kang 1.
Open time|every day from 11 am-11pm.
Tel|016 895 888/ 011 798 897
Facebook|Tbal Khmer Restaurant



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