Best way to stay in apartment instead hotel-Service ONE apartment in Cambodia

Service apartment has been the ‘go-to’ temporary accommodation for business travelers, and with good reason. While we admit that for stays of just one or two nights some may prefer to book a hotel, the benefits of serviced apartments are simply too good to ignore for longer stays. More space, greater privacy and kitchen facilities all for the same, if not cheaper, rate. What’s not to love about serviced apartments?

Top Fun Things To Do In Cambodia-Service ONE Apartment In Cambodia

If you are planning a trip to Cambodia and you are currently building your itinerary, these next few lines should help you plan a fun and rewarding vacation you will not forget anytime soon. The mesmerizing temples, spectacular ruins that have stood the test of time. The virgin beaches and the amazingly rich cultural heritage are all part of this wonderful country. You should visit at least once in your lifetime. Besides the natural beauties you will have a pleasant surprise to find here. You should also focus on checking out a few of the most interesting tourist activities. Ranging from engaging watersports, fun cruises, visiting temples while riding a bike, or swimming with the elephants. You can also indulge in a frantic shopping spree or take in all the ancient wonders in Cambodia. But before we get into the details…

Best apartment rental at Service ONE-Service One Apartment in Cambodia

    Top sightseeing place in Phnom Penh
Service One apartment for rent in Phnom Penh Cambodia-SOHO Office space,office suites ,Studio for rent

Apartments rental in Cambodia-Service ONE apartment In Phnom Penh

The cheapest apartments rental in Cambodia

Service ONE is a Better apartments and office for rent in Phnom Penh.  Service One apartments provide houses for rent we located in Russian Market (Toul Tom Pong) Furthermore, Service one is surrounded by many coffee shops, clothes shops.  Serice One will provide you security service, exclusive service, and Service One’s App that makes you followup with many special events.

Service One apartment for rent in Phnom Penh Cambodia-SOHO Office space,office suites ,Studio for rent

Reasons why we should choose apartment to stay for your holiday?- Service ONE Apartment in Phnom Penh

One of the biggest considerations in planning a holiday is choosing a place to stay. There is a great range of choice nowadays and people usually tend to go for the easier way. While advertising of hotels popups everywhere on your screen as soon as you type for instance “where to stay in Gran Canaria”, finding a good apartment requires a bit more of research. There are tons of great hotels offering excellent services and amenities, but it’s way better than a hotel room to go back to after a day of sightseeing. So, don’t be lazy, you waited so long to finally go on holiday, let it be the best experience possible by choosing an apartment.

central market

Orussey Market is Centrally located, Orussey Market is much more geared towards locals than tourists; hence you will not find as much in the way of souvenirs as the other markets mentioned. A huge array of foodstuffs is on offer including the wet market with fresh meat, poultry and seafood. Other items in abundance include house ware, hardware and electronic goods.












There are a wide variety of items available for purchase in Orussey Market, Phnom Penh. This is one of the not so famous Tourist Attractions in Phnom Penh. The market is more frequented by the locals than the tourists in the city. The shops in the market generally sell essential items rather than souvenirs. That is why, tourists do not take much interest in visiting this market. Still, a visit to Orussey Market, Phnom Penh give you an opportunity to interact with the local people and get an idea of their food habits and daily life.

Malis Restaurant in Phnom Penh-Service One Apartment in Cambodia

Cambodia Living Cuisine has evolved form Master CHef Luu Meng and his team embarks on countless expeditions through remote provinces,

to unearth recipes of old and bring them back to life.

Embracing traditional cooking techniques but experimenting with flavors and textures, Malis Restaurant delivers a tantalizing array of authentic

Cambodian dishes with fresh ingredients like you have never tasted before.

Enjoy the finest Cambodian dining experience in Phnom Penh where the secrets of the past are now available for everyone to share.

Welcome to Jars Of Clay Café, Phnom Penh!-Service One Apartment in Cambodia

We are a family oriented Café which operates as a social enterprise providing sustainable employment for many disadvantaged and at-risk young Cambodian women. Our first café was started by a missionary from UK in 1998 – emerging from these very humble beginnings with only five full time Cambodian staff we have grown to now employ over 20 Cambodian staff within two Cafes! Our Cafes are located in the popular Toul Tom Poung (near Russian Market) and Phnom Penh Thmey areas of Phnom Penh.

Service One apartment for rent in Phnom Penh Cambodia-SOHO Office space,office suites ,Studio for rent

We are privileged to serve you with our unique range of Western homestyle cooking, delicious slices & cakes, teas, coffees and healthy juice range to suit all tastes. Whether you call Cambodia home or are just visiting our beautiful country for a short time – we make it our aim to serve you with only the freshest ingredients, showing great care in our cooking, our serving and in giving you a wonderful Khmer experience. Our motto is: always with love. We hope you experience the feeling of being loved as you enjoy our great tasting food, friendly service and peaceful atmosphere in one of our Cafés today!

Service One apartment for rent in Phnom Penh Cambodia-SOHO Office space,office suites ,Studio for rentService One apartment for rent in Phnom Penh Cambodia-SOHO Office space,office suites ,Studio for rent

We Are: Local Cambodian Owned and Managed

We Offer: Healthy, Tasty and affordable home cooked foods

We Employ: Vulnerable and disadvantaged women

We Give: 10% of profits to support local NGOs

We Exist: To provide great food in a friendly atmosphere – serving our customers always with love