Great Khmer Architecture of Old: Cinemas of Cambodia, a photo essay In Phnom penh-Service One Apartment Cambodia

Cambodia’s former cinema buildings were indicative of the country’s famous architecture before the civil war. However, at the present time, most of the young generation is not aware of these buildings. This is the main reason “Amazing Cambodia” started to collect all existing old cinema photos – to allow Khmer people, both old and young, to be aware of the great architecture that existed in the past. Amazing Cambodia is a Facebook page whose purpose is to collect Cambodian historical images, music, films and other things of cultural importance and share them to everyone domestically and internationally.

In an interview with, Mr. Srin Sokmean, founder of Amazing Cambodia, describes the way and why he compiles all those old cinema building photos.

Why do you compile all these old cinema building photos?

Aeon Mall 2 boosts property values In Phnom Penh-Service One Apartment In Cambodia

Rates expected to increase further after mall opening

The presence of Aeon Mall 2, Phnom Penh’s largest and newest shopping complex which opened its doors to customers today, has increased the value of property in the northwestern part of Phnom Penh, particularly Sen Sok District, one of the up-and-coming areas in the suburbs of Cambodia’s capital city. Aeon Mall 2 is located in Pong Peay, Sen Sok.

With a population of more than 160,000, Sen Sok is one of the most populated areas of Phnom Penh. In the last few years, Sen Sok has developed tremendously with many businesses and major infrastructure and residential development projects flooding the area.

Sovanna Restaurant In Phnom Penh- Service One Apartment In Cambodia

Sovanna Restaurant has something to offer just about everyone. They have a newer, more upscale restaurant a few doors down, and have recently renovated the original. Even though Sovanna has lost the dirty-beer-garden feel it once had, the food is still excellent. The grilled beef and pork, tender, smoky and slightly sweet, are the standouts, but the sngor chrouk trey, fish soup with a lemongrass broth, lime juice, and fresh herbs, is not to be missed. Their menu has photographs and English translations, making this a good first Khmer BBQ experience for out-of-town visitors.