formal night market-Service One Apartment in Phnom Penh

Phnom Penh’s only formal night market, Psar Reatrey overlooks the riverside from the central reservation that separates downtown and northern Phnom Penh. It’s easiest to enter by the gate at the north end of riverside to avoid scrambling between lines of parked scooters. As with Orussey, the Night Market is chiefly oriented towards the local market, but is definitely worth a dip to pick up some very reasonably priced clothes — there’s not a huge lot else really aside from some tacky and generic souvenirs.

Tonle Bassac II Restaurant-Service One Apartment in Cambodia

Buffet Dinner

Welcome to All Buffet Lovers! Tonle Bassac Restaurant Preah Monivong and Dinner featuring Asian, Western & International all you can eat format. Soup, Salad, Pizza, Fresh Seafood and all inclusive for one price.

Created by Starwood Chef from China, Chinese course serves the finest classical Cantonese fusion food. All the cuisines are prepared with the freshest ingredients, with no compromise on traditional Cantonese recipes. Guests can also enjoy a diverse selection of wines, complemented by a return to classic cocktails made to perfection.

Each VIP room has an integrated P/A System, LCD screen, DVD facilities, Wi-Fi internet access for presentations or private screenings. VIP Room evokes a romantic style and European style, where everything is designed to offer total comfort, superb food, and excellent service on road Preah Monivong.