Tube Café in Phnom Penh-Service One Apartment in Cambodia

Tube Cafe The coffee is excellent, the place is great and the price is super affordable and waiters are friendly with customers. I like drinking Frappe Thnol Coffee.

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The quality and customer service are excellent. The price is relative to other big brands such as Brown and Starbuck. I recommend increasing the quantity of the drink if not decrease the price. Since Tube Café builds the expectation about the affordable price as its branding slogan, it is good to have a larger cup with the current price. As a student, I can only afford it once per week.

The coffee here is a nice taste. An environment so refreshing when you have met with teamwork or friend.

5 Best Places to Visit in Cambodia-Service One- Apartment in Cambodia

From luxury tourists to backpackers, Cambodia is a naturally beautiful country that continues to attract visitors to not only the iconic attraction of Angkor Wat, but also the stunning architectural feats, untouched jungles, and pristine beaches. Here are five of the most striking places to visit Cambodia:

Angkor Wat

A visit to the Angkor Archaeological Park is one of the best things to do in Cambodia. Angkor Wat is the largest religious monument in the world and built in the 12th century. This legendary temple was originally built as a Hindu temple for the god of Vishnu, but later in the 14th century, it had been converted into a Buddhist temple. The temple is rich in Apsaras nymphs or carvings which are entirely unique and well worth checking out. Even though Angkor Wat is the most famous temple, it is far from being the only one worth exploring. There are many other popular temples, such as Bayon, Ta Prohm, and Banteay Srei, as well as numerous other lesser-known temples that showcase early Khmer architecture but with a lot less foot traffic.


Traveling to Koh Rong -Cambodia-Service One Apartment in Cambodia

travel to Koh Rong, for most of the people, they only hear it for the first time from the “Survivor” Tv series or see people posting photos of the island on Instagram or Facebook.

That’s it. The island is far and not safe for them to visit.

There are only some people who dare to take the boat and explore the island.

I had a chance to go and stayed one night on the island.

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Malis Restaurant in Phnom Penh-Service One Apartment in Cambodia

Cambodia Living Cuisine has evolved form Master CHef Luu Meng and his team embarks on countless expeditions through remote provinces,

to unearth recipes of old and bring them back to life.

Embracing traditional cooking techniques but experimenting with flavors and textures, Malis Restaurant delivers a tantalizing array of authentic

Cambodian dishes with fresh ingredients like you have never tasted before.

Enjoy the finest Cambodian dining experience in Phnom Penh where the secrets of the past are now available for everyone to share.

KIRIROM NATIONAL RESORT-Service One Apartment In Cambodia

Located at Phnom Sruoch district in the province of Kampong Speu, Kirirom National Park is established on a seven hundred meters hill covering an area of over thirty five thousand hectares in the Elephant Mountains. The name ‘Kirirom’ meaning Mountain of Joy was given to it by the King of Cambodia. Kirirom National Park, a high altitude plateau, is known for its unique high elevation pine forest, which forms the headwaters for numerous streams feeding Kampong Speu Town.


This park is part of the ‘Southwest Cluster Protected Areas’ which include Phnom Bokor, Preah Sihanouk and Kep National Parks.

Attractions at this hill station of Kirirom are its spectacular scenery and its astonishing waterfalls.

Welcome to Jars Of Clay Café, Phnom Penh!-Service One Apartment in Cambodia

We are a family oriented Café which operates as a social enterprise providing sustainable employment for many disadvantaged and at-risk young Cambodian women. Our first café was started by a missionary from UK in 1998 – emerging from these very humble beginnings with only five full time Cambodian staff we have grown to now employ over 20 Cambodian staff within two Cafes! Our Cafes are located in the popular Toul Tom Poung (near Russian Market) and Phnom Penh Thmey areas of Phnom Penh.

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We are privileged to serve you with our unique range of Western homestyle cooking, delicious slices & cakes, teas, coffees and healthy juice range to suit all tastes. Whether you call Cambodia home or are just visiting our beautiful country for a short time – we make it our aim to serve you with only the freshest ingredients, showing great care in our cooking, our serving and in giving you a wonderful Khmer experience. Our motto is: always with love. We hope you experience the feeling of being loved as you enjoy our great tasting food, friendly service and peaceful atmosphere in one of our Cafés today!

Service One apartment for rent in Phnom Penh Cambodia-SOHO Office space,office suites ,Studio for rentService One apartment for rent in Phnom Penh Cambodia-SOHO Office space,office suites ,Studio for rent

We Are: Local Cambodian Owned and Managed

We Offer: Healthy, Tasty and affordable home cooked foods

We Employ: Vulnerable and disadvantaged women

We Give: 10% of profits to support local NGOs

We Exist: To provide great food in a friendly atmosphere – serving our customers always with love

A cultural season of exploration kicks off at the Kingdom’s CLA-Service One Apartment Cambodia

A three-month program that makes up The Cambodian Living Arts’ (CLA) cultural season kicked off on Thursday and will run through September 23 with the theme Exploring Identities. It will feature performances, panel discussions, film screenings, exhibitions and workshops.