Cambodia Post Office Square in Phnom Penh-Service one Apartment Cambodia

The Cambodian Post office was built in 1890, then eventually restored and fully reopened in 2004. It fronts a small square on Street 13 — really Cambodian Post office is just a widening of the road — and is surrounded by other examples of colonial architecture in various states of upkeep. The post office is open 07:30 to 17:00, with a healthy two-hour lunch break from noon. Stamp collectors can make impulse purchases at the philatelic counter.

Phnom Penh Restaurant near Russian Market-Service One Apartment in Cambodia

Looking to experience some local food (or street food) in Phnom Penh Restaurant? There are so many local restaurants that serve you well.

Most if not all visitors in Phnom Penh are greatly in needs of finding good restaurants. Apart from those high class restaurants, serving Chinese, Japanese, or Western-style foods, in many traveler-friendly districts, namely BKKI, Toul Tom Poung, Phnom Penh Riverside and so on, you really want to experience the local taste, our Cambodian food or Khmer cuisine.

One of the best recipe for Phnom Penh restaurant- Chicken rice Porridge

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Chicken Rice Porridge