Questions to Consider in Apartment Search-Service ONE Apartment In Cambodia

Do you want to find apartment for rent? Which is the best one for your lifetime? Let’s go with some answers before choose an apartment.

A lot of new renters assume that searching for an apartment is simple. You just search for available spaces online, pick the best looking one in your price range, and sign a lease, right? While being that laid-back with your search might help you move into a new apartment sooner, you may find yourself in a less-than-ideal living situation down the road.

Best way to stay in apartment instead hotel-Service ONE apartment in Cambodia

Service apartment has been the ‘go-to’ temporary accommodation for business travelers, and with good reason. While we admit that for stays of just one or two nights some may prefer to book a hotel, the benefits of serviced apartments are simply too good to ignore for longer stays. More space, greater privacy and kitchen facilities all for the same, if not cheaper, rate. What’s not to love about serviced apartments?

finding your ideal apartment-Service ONE Apartment in Cambodia

Moving into a new space is equal parts exciting and nerve-wracking, You want everything to be perfect, from the location and the layout to the amenities and, of course, the overall price. But before finding your dream apartment and signing a contract, there are a handful of crucial questions you must answer. Can you really afford it? Is there a hidden fee for Fido? Is it close enough to work or school?

Best apartment rental at Service ONE-Service One Apartment in Cambodia

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5 reasons apartment living is awesome-Service One Apartment in Cambodia

Living in an apartment or unit instead of a house has its perks. Here are some reasons you might want to consider the block life.

1. Low cost

Apartment living can be much more cost effective than house living for both bills and rent. Heating and cooling a smaller area will save money on your gas and electric bills. The rent is usually much cheaper on apartments too, compared a house or a mortgage.


Apartments can also be quite a sustainable option because with so many people living in close proximity it means that apartments retain heat from other apartments, which reduces the amount of heat you use in your own apartment. This means your winter energy bill will be much cheaper than if you were living in a house. The newer your building, the more energy efficient is likely to be.

2. No maintenance

If you have a problem in an apartment that you rent, you can usually call the property manager and have someone else deal with the issue.

Gardening is another major factor to consider. Most apartments don’t have private gardens, only small balconies, which means that if you live in an apartment your weekends can be spent doing whatever you please rather than mowing lawns or planting bulbs.

Apartments rental in Cambodia-Service ONE apartment In Phnom Penh

The cheapest apartments rental in Cambodia

Service ONE is a Better apartments and office for rent in Phnom Penh.  Service One apartments provide houses for rent we located in Russian Market (Toul Tom Pong) Furthermore, Service one is surrounded by many coffee shops, clothes shops.  Serice One will provide you security service, exclusive service, and Service One’s App that makes you followup with many special events.

Service One apartment for rent in Phnom Penh Cambodia-SOHO Office space,office suites ,Studio for rent

Hotels and serviced apartments-service ONE apartment in Phnom Penh

Hotels and serviced apartments – comparing apples and oranges

Serviced apartments offer facilities much like a traditional hotel but with added space, convenience and privacy like home, so you can enjoy living like a local when travelling – and usually at a much lower cost.

But the term is slowly becoming more well-known also outside the business travel space, also because more and more leisure travellers are finding that serviced apartments are available and offer a credible and cost-effective alternative. They are especially economical for longer stays and for group and family travel.

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Why Apartment Living Is the Perfect Situation-Service ONE Apartment in Phnom Penh

What is the best apartment for rent?? Sure, best apartments aren’t as large as single-family homes – but there are numerous reasons why apartment living is the perfect sitvuation. From awesome amenities to hassle-free maintenance, apartment communities offer renters incredible value and a plethora of convenience for one monthly rent check.

Whether you’re thinking about downsizing or moving out on your own for the very first time, you should consider the renters lifestyle. The possibilities are endless when you choose an apartment, so what are you waiting for?

Below are 15 reasons why apartment living is the perfect situation:


There is no long-term commitment when living in an apartment. Communities typically have a six- or twelve-month lease but some offer more – which is excellent flexibility. Whether you’re looking for a job in another city or moving back to your roots, you won’t feel locked down for the long-haul and can move anytime!


When you move out on your own – especially into a new city – it may be tough to meet new people. In apartment communities, there are people of all age groups which makes apartment living the ideal place for developing friendships.


Can you name one of your friends that own a home, with a swimming pool, fitness center and movie theater inside of it? We didn’t think so! Apartment communities offer renters amazing amenities that provide continuous activities within the confines of home.


Whether you prefer to live in the suburbs or dream of moving to a big city, there’s a wide variety of locations to choose from when selecting an apartment. Imagine being able to walk or bike to the office each day. This can be accomplished with the perfect apartment location. Find yours at!


Roommates are great additions to a lease, because they can help lower the cost of living for you.


Expenses can be very challenging when living on your own. Making monthly payments provides enough time for you to save the necessary amount for rent, while also saving for other things that are important to you. Numerous apartment communities offer online payment options too – isn’t the 21st century great?

Apartment for rent Phnom Penh choose Service One Apartment

Apartment for rent Phnom Penh choose Service One Apartment

Apartment for rent in Phnom Penh must choose Service One. Service One provide the best appartment rantal in Cambodia. The homes for rent in Phnom Penh hard to find. Service One apartment located near by tuol tom poung and there are many restaurants and shops.

Service apartment-Why choose Service ONE- Service ONE Apartment In Cambodia

Serviced apartments are more comfortable than hotels since they have more facilities for you. Why choose us?

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1. We think about what you need

All you need is a cosy room with a big bed and a king-sized blanket, a cup of hot tea in snowy winter or a cold drink in sunny summer. We turn your vacation in a good time. In our apartments, we have all what you need: 24/7 Wi-Fi, fully equipped kitchen, TV and many more. Even iron with iron board!