The Best Apartment for Rent
in Cambodia,Phnom Penh

Soho office for rent in phnom penh-Service One

Soho office for rent in phnom penh

Soho office for rent in phnom penh service one


Hot Location

The ultimate in high-quality, flexible soho office. Simply pick a seat in any Bruntwood lounge and make the most of our fast free WiFi and refreshments.

What’s the advantages of soho office?

Rent our soho office we will provide below:

-TV for presentation


-Own bathroom

You could more focus on your business.

We also provide:





-Office cleaning one time a week


Soho office location Tumpoung introduction:

  • Divided into two parts, TTP 1 and TTP 2.
  • The famous Russian Market is in Toul Tum Poung 1.
  • It is the safest area for foreigners in the city.
  • Toul Tum Poung is a mixed residential and commercial area.
  • It has many business places like bars, restaurants, retail outlets, coffee shops, pharmacies, and clinics.
Make it your own

After that, you can create your own, totally bespoke working environment. This generally means you pay for everything: IT infrastructure, meeting rooms, kitchens and all the equipment and furniture. Our interior designers and project managers can help make this much simpler – with more effective results.

When the lease ends, it is then your responsibility to return the property to its original condition. Our dilapidations experts can manage this process for you, saving time and money.

  • You can tailor everything for your business.
  • Lots of choice.
  • Feels like ‘home’.
  • Usually cheaper than serviced offices over the course of a longer lease.
  • There may be a rent deposit.
  • You are locked into a financial commitment.
  • Less flexibility to vacate early or reduce or take on more space.
  • You pay, and take the time, to fit the space out.
  • You pay to return the property to its original condition once the lease ends.



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