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Soho office best idea best coffee shop Cambodia

Soho office best idea best coffee shop Cambodia

Coffee Shop Interior Decor Basics

Below are three basics to remember when setting up your coffee shop interior.

  • Reflect your brand and mission. Your cafe will be memorable if it has a that is palpable through your decor, employees, service, and items offered. Your brand includes your restaurant’s concept, identity, personality, and mission. Your cafe and coffee shop interior design should be consistent with and enhance your brand, emanating an ambiance that is apparent to your patrons.
coffee shop counter with string lights overhead
  • Be wise with your lighting. When possible, make use of natural lighting to to take advantage of organic light and conserve energy. During the day, cool lights are also great option, as they illuminate areas with similar tones to daylight. To create a comforting atmosphere in the evening, warm and soft tones are ideal because they create a more gentle contrast from the darkness. However, depending on your coffee shop’s brand, you might choose to always utilize either cool or warm tones.
  • Make it Instagrammable and interactive. Studies show that the restaurant industry continues to boom because people enjoy immersing themselves in experiences, such as going out to eat. Additionally, with the growth of social media, more people look forward to sharing their experiences with others through images on platforms like Instagram. Outfitting your coffee shop interior with eye-catching, attractive elements contributes to creating a full-fledged experience for your guests while also serving as a free marketing tactic.

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