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Local Coffee Brands

These days, you can find a coffee shop in almost every corner of Phnom Penh. In the last ten years, Cambodia’s coffee culture has evolved from sticking to the classic Asian quartet of iced/hot black coffee with/without condensed milk to embracing a wider western range. More coffee shops and coffee lovers now recognize everything from espresso through iced latte to mocha frappe. It is not surprising, then, that regional brands like Amazon and international brands like Starbucks have rushed in to take their shares of this booming market.

“café” (in the American sense of the words). Park Café dedicates itself to providing quality food in a professional atmosphere, so, like Brown, it represents a modern identity. However, the menu is more local, serving items like Phnom Penh noodle, roasted duck noodle, beef Lok Lak, and fried rice, along with coffee & fruit shakes. So if you fancy a local menu in a professional atmosphere, Park Café should be on your list.



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