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DBA candidate, Real Estate Professor & Consultant

CCIM ID : 8926622

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Career Objective

Challenging commercial real estate consulting and investments appraiser position in a progressing, modernizing, and international market. Expect full utilization of my CCIM skills, knowledge, and work experience.

Education & Pertinent Courseworks

  • The Nova Southeastern University in USA, DBA candidate in Management, 2004
  • The George Washington University in USA, MBA in Real Estate Development, 1994
  • National ChengChi University in Taiwan, BBA in Banking, 1989
  • Real Estate Marketing, Real Estate Management, Real Estate Appraisal, Real Estate Securitization, Real Estate Investment, Bank Management, Finance & Banking

Work Experience

Chinese City International Management Consulting.



Engaged in analysis, agency, valuation, management and planning assignments among land development in commercial investment projects. Performed tasks include, market analysis, real estate investment appraisal, and real estate agency & management. Other engagements include, retail planning, land development, and direct investment.

Major Projects Involved

  1. Market Research, planning and renting for Mercedes-Benz, a 380,000 s.f. mix-used Southern Headquarter & Show Room Development in Kaohsiung City
  2. Sale and lease back for DBS’s merge property, a 90 million project
  3. Site selection for Ferrari in southern Taiwan
  4. Investment Appraisal, financing and marketing for 101 Units Apartment Development in I-Shou University Area
  5. New Town of the Kaohsiung County, The Construction and Planning Agency (CPA) (a jointed project with URBANET)
  6. Marketing of the market zone, Bureau of Construction of Kaohsiung City Government((a jointed project with URBANET)
  7. Tainan YungHwa Community retail project, a 100,500 s.f. land development(the tenant mix including Mcdonald, Nike, Addias, Geodano and Pxmart chained store)
  8. Sale for Hwa-Sea commercial building in Kaohsiung
  9. Property Management for TAKKYUBIN Feng-San office, Kaohsiung County
  10. Property Management for Longsheng Community retail project(the tenant mix including Mcdonald and Pxmart chained store)
  11. Send Theater Redevelopment Plan

URBANET International Development&Management Consultants Ltd..

1996~2005:From Project Manager to Vice General Manager


Engaged in analysis, agency, valuation and planning assignments among land development in residential and commercial real estate projects. Performed tasks include, market analysis, real estate financeing, and business development. Other engagements include, urban planning, prepare cost estimates, and writing reports and proposals.

Major Projects Involved

  1. Big Bridge Development zone, Tainan County Government(Sale amount :  80 millions USD)
  2. Comprehensive Urban Planning for Kaohsiung City(the second largest city in Taiwan)
  3. Jin-Sha-Gu Industrial & Commercial mix-used zone ,Pingtung County
  4. ROT of the trainees’ accommodation of the “Bureau of Human Resource Development for Civil Servants and Teachers”, Kaohsiung City Government
  5. The commercial zone of the Kaohsiung Harbor, Taiwan sugar Corporation
  6. New Town of the Kaohsiung County, The Construction and Planning Agency (CPA)
  7. Marketing of the market zone, Bureau of Construction
  8. The Light Alley of Technology, National Science and Technology Museum
  9. Pier 12- Harbor Star , Her Bian Food & Beverage Group

Investec Property Consultants

(had a jointed venture with Coopers & Lybrand and merged by JLL in 2003) 1994~ 1995:Associate Consultant


Engaged in analysis, evaluation and planning assignments among large-scale land development focused on commercial real estate projects. Performed tasks include, finance feasibilityreal estate appraisal, and market analysis. Other engagements include corporate real estate services for residential complex, shopping mall , and industrial park projects.

Major Projects Involved

  1. The 1995 Real Estate Market Overview in Taiwan for CITIBANK
  2. The 1995 Residential Real Estate Pricing Trend in Taiwan for CITIBANK
  3. Shopping center(Tai Mall, the first shopping mall in Taiwan)feasibility study for a Construction Company in Taoyuan County
  4. Appraisal Report for The Grand Hotel in Taipei, including the appraisal for reasonable rental and operation management(appraisal price in 1995:40 million USD)
  5. Shopping center feasibility study for New Asia Construction in Taichung City
  6. Finance feasibility of Chang-Hwa Coast Industrial Park, 3600 hectares industrial park including theme park, residential complex, hotel, retail and industrial use
  7. Unit Appraisal of Chang Hwa Coast Industrial Park after reclamation

Chinese Real Estate Management Corp

(Invested by Hwa Nan Commercial Bank) 1994:Construction Loan Representative


Engaged in construction loan evaluation, marketing and real estate appraisal.

Major Projects Involved

  1. Construction Loan evaluation including real estate appraisal for a 100 units residential project developed by Han-young Construction in Taipei
  2. Construction Loan evaluation including real estate appraisal for a hotel development near the Sun Moon Lake in Nantou County
  3. An office building Appraisal Report for ChauTai Construction in Taipei
  4. An Land Appraisal Report for a 500 pings residential site in Taipei
  5. An Appraisal Report for HI-LAI Building in Kaohsiung, a 42 stories mixed-use commercial building including Grand Hi-Lai hotel and HanShin Department Store
  6. An Appraisal Report for dayuan industrial park

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