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Special and mysterious coffee-Tini café shop-Service One Apartment in Cambodia

3-Service One-Phnom Penh-Cambodia-cafe shop-Tini-Apartment-Russian market -bar-artist

TINI Cafe is a small, cute cafe with a great artistic vibe. It’s usually pretty quiet which makes it a great spot to hang out and read your book or get some work done.

TINI is a lovely little cafe tucked away from the street in Russian Market.  This place is unique while not too trying.
It’s perfect. The place can be really crowded and not the easiest place to find a table.
This is a great place to stop for a refreshing coffee or cocktail, most hours of the day. It’s in a location close to other attractive shops and just down the street from the bustling Russian Market. TINI café is a neighborhood of Service ONE Apartment .

3-Service One-Phnom Penh-Cambodia-cafe shop-Tini-Apartment-Russian market -bar-artist

Coffee is excellent and the inventive cocktail list shows real thought, something that also comes across in the beautiful design of the place. Great selection of Khmer food options from local vendors too. Highly recommend.



The local is very nice have a lot of foreigner stays there. . Lovely design – one of the owners is an architect, and it shows. Upstairs it’s nice. There’s also a small balcony. You can relax and drink the coffee with the environment fresh. The small space design with planting at the front yard and quiet place with soft music.

3-Service One-Phnom Penh-Cambodia-cafe shop-Tini-Apartment-Russian market -bar-artist

The owner is an absolute gem. I will never forget him allowing me to put my sushi on the fridge and letting me take full use of the remote control on the air con when i was the only one sitting upstairs and the day fluctuated in temp. Super attentive and very well trained, good service times and always down for a chat.

The staff are very friendly, the prices reasonable, and the art work worth a visit. The owner is designer.

3-Service One-Phnom Penh-Cambodia-cafe shop-Tini-Apartment-Russian market -bar-artist

Menu – creative, excellent happy hour, best coffee in town, let’s you even order yummy food from Russian Market (the surrounding area) and they will pick it up and deliver straight back to you at the cafe. The cocktails are brilliant – completely different from anything you’ll try anywhere else in the city.


Location and Contact Information

  • Address: # 57 Street 450, Toul Tom Poung 1, Khan Chamkarmon | Toul Tom Poung,
  • Phone Number: +855 17 555 450
  • Facebook : TiNi Café




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