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When travelling to Cambodia, Phnom Penh is always one of the ideal tourist destinations for travelers who need a rest after their long journeys. This tourist attraction is a favorite place because there are so many temples, shopping malls and shops that visitors can buy souvenirs for their beloved ones. If you have no idea about shopping addresses in Phnom Penh, master Top 8 popular shopping destinations and marketplaces in Phnom Penh that we recommend in this article. Where to shop, and how to find best shopping Phnom Penh and what to buy in Phnom Penh? Let’s discover our guide for Phnom Penh shopping with top 8 best shops, markets, marketplaces & shopping malls in Phnom Penh you must visit with Living Nomads below.

is located in TTP (Near Russian Market)

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The wide-open spaces of Cambodia’s remote and sparsely populated east are a world away from the rest of the country, offering a quintessential slice of rural Khmer life largely unaffected by the modern world. Bounding the western side of the region, the mighty Mekong River forges its way south from Laos, dotted with river islands, dramatic stretches of flooded forest and the occasional floating village. Outside the main towns, much of the river remains largely off the tourist radar, although if you’ve got the time and energy there are myriad opportunities to explore the river and its rural hinterlands using a mix of boating, kayaking, cycling and walking.




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