best coffee shop in cambodia in Toul tompoung Camboida soho office


Light Cafe

Let’s get to know the fancy coffee in town, a cafe on daytime and bistro at nighttime. They have so many good looking and delectable both cake and coffee. The environment is very clean and super bright place, it’s good quiet vibe to work.

NX Bakehouse

Have you ever longed for a place where you can have good coffee and flavorous pastry or cake? Then, you can find the best combination here at NX Bakehouse. They serve the best croissants and cookies in a legit aesthetic and quiet-good ambience specially for those who love taking minimalist photos.

The best apartment in Cambodia-How to Use Pass App Cambodia to Order a Tuk Tuk?

The best apartment in Cambodia is Service One

The best apartment for rent is Service One located in TTP (Near Russian Market)

Service One apartment provides the best apartment for rent, Soho office for rent and daily room for rent in Cambodia. If you visit Cambodia don’t forget to visit us.

Pass App Cambodia, the country’s first ride hail app, takes the hassle out of ordering a tuk tuk or taxi. Here is my complete guide to using the app during your visit to Cambodia.

When I lived in Phnom Penh in 2016/17, my biggest bugbear was using tuk tuks.

Tuk tuks are ubiquitous in Cambodia and by far the easiest way to get around Phnom Penh, Siem Reap and other cities and towns. But negotiating fares and explaining directions to drivers who you often can’t communicate with (and who sometimes can’t read maps) can be really frustrating. I always found haggling with tuk tuk drivers over tiny amount of money soul destroying.

When I returned to Cambodia this year, I was gleeful to discover ride hail apps have finally made it to the Kingdom. Grab launched a few months ago, but it’s Pass App Cambodia, a locally developed app, that’s been making big waves.

Judging by the hilariously inadequate FAQ page, Pass App Cambodia is still ironing out some kinks in its business model. I thought I would weigh in with my personal experience of using the app to offer you some tips.


|Tel|+855 85 531 589 |Email| 

|Add|#53, street 446, Tuol Tompoung I , Chamkarmon , Phnom Penh,Cambodia #phnompenh #BestApartment #BestOffice #BestService #ServiceOne

The Soho office for rent in Cambodia-Tips for being a responsible traveller in Phnom Penh

The soho office for rent in Cambodia

Service One Soho office and apartment near Russian Market, there are lot of coffee shops and restaurants near us, now let me introduce some best coffee shops near Service One soho office building.


Tips for being a responsible traveller in Phnom Penh

When Pass App arrived in Cambodia, it brought with it a new fleet of apes or rickshaws – enclosed three-wheeler vehicles that are very different to traditional Khmer tuk tuks. I like riding in these much better, as you feel less exposed.

A Pass App ‘ape’ in Phnom Penh.

Overall, using Pass App Cambodia has made my time here so much easier. However, there are some downsides to the platform, too.

  • There’s no option to pre-order a ride – you can only instant book.
  • You can only make payment in cash. Unlike Grab, you can’t link your credit card to your account. (Local users can connect with Wing.)
  • The company’s reporting and feedback mechanisms are very weak (although I expect this will improve with time).

|Tel|+855 85 531 589 |Email| 

|Add|#53, street 446, Tuol Tompoung I , Chamkarmon , Phnom Penh,Cambodia #phnompenh #BestApartment #BestOffice #BestService #ServiceOne